Ever since I can remember, I have painted the space between and the air around the objects and figures in my portraits, landscapes and still-lifes.

About twenty years ago, I turned to watercolour painting with a strong intention and desire to enter and explore more deeply the realms of colour, space and light. It was a conscious choice and commitment to leave behind me form as I had known it. As I went deeper into the colours, allowing them to inform me, and in intuitively following their lead, I became aware of being guided by a consciousness far beyond my own, where the outcome was no longer a result of my own intention. As I surrender more and more to this guidance, I experience myself as painter and simultaneously as witness to the picture unfolding before my eyes, where something new and unexpected is always being revealed, and which, upon completion, seems to carry a vibration and life-force of its own.

My hope is that those who pause and focus upon these pictures, may experience being drawn into the presence of a light energy field of endless possibility.

Frances Marsh 2012