“When you walk into the exhibition of paintings by Frances Marsh at Holcombe Mill, the first impression is of being looked at by light. These paintings open into light. They are portals into a dimension of light, but it is accessible. It comes towards you in mysterious ways, different in each painting. It is as if there is a living light interchange between you and the pictures. The colours which allow this to happen, in the subtlest layers of watercolour, are alive, glowing the way flowers do, with a rare intensity and depth. This is accentuated by the black frames with which Frances has chosen to surround the pictures.

In those paintings which seem to have a barrier across the light source, the reality of different depths and dimensions is emphasized. Without having to intellectualize about it, you experience directly that there is so much, so much light, to be discovered behind and beyond what we normally see. In this sense the pictures are profound teachings. The geometrical forms, diamonds, rectangles, so accurately and steadily delineated, themselves speak so that you feel you are learning something new and meaningful, again without the need to intellectualize. We are faced with an extraordinary and unique alchemy of colour and form that touches the heart and opens us to new worlds. These paintings have an inspiring and uplifting quality. They work. They are transformative.” by Jehanne Mehta.

“Watercolours as never seen before.” ArtsAid founder, Katherine Bryan-Merrett.

“Music for the heart.” from comments book.

“A luminous weaving – I just want to dive in.”  from comments book.